Casting Joy

Casting Joy (English Edition) – June 10, 2015
by Carrie Chen Jun (Author)
Casting Joy (Paperback)
Casting Joy (Kindle)

Chinese Huai opera artist Xiao Wenyan (筱文艳) touched the hearts of not only fans but also China’s elite. Her story has mostly gone untold until now with the publication of this personal and inspiring memoir by her granddaughter Carrie Chen Jun.

Nicknamed “Little Bundle of Joy” as a child, Wenyan’s early life is anything but joyous when she is sold by her family, pawned off to a mobster boss, and banished to clean a theater. This apparent bad fortune soon becomes her saving grace when she falls in love with her new life. The theater becomes the backdrop for her moving story of survival at the intersection of art and politics.

Born and raised in Shanghai, Carrie Chen Jun now lives in Spain, where she works as a cross-cultural trainer and lecturer. Her grandmother’s life story continues to impact her—and countless others.

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